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San Luis Obispo County Women's Golf Council
By Laws as Consolidated and Amended

I. Name:
San Luis Obispo County Women's Golf Council
II. Purpose:
To promote golf, golf for women of all ages, improvement of golf for women, and friendship among women golfers of San Luis Obispo County.
III. Council:
A. Members:     1. Minimum of one person per club. Exception: Club organizing the tournament.

2. Members are appointed by each club's board.
B. Officers: The Council officers should consist of a Chairwoman or President, Secretary, Treasurer and Publicity officer.
C. Records: Cumulative records for the past 3 years are kept by the host club. The oldest records are to be returned to the club that hosted that year' tournament.
D. Year: The Council year begins January 1. The first meeting should be held within the first 2 months.
E. Calendar: The calendar of club events and council activities should be done at the first meeting of the year.
F. Evaluation: An evaluation meeting should be held as soon as possible after the tournament.
G. Finances: Each member club will be asked for a donation for council expenses. There should be a separate accounting of those expenses in a financial statement.
IV. Tournament:
A. Format: 1. The tournament is a two day, 36 hole stroke play competition.

2. The tournament is played on succeeding days at the same golf course until such time as the tournament gets too large.

3. The time of year shall be determined by the host club and the County Council.

4. The tournament shall have a shotgun start on final day.
B. Eligibility: 1. All women who are residents of San Luis Obispo County are eligible to enter the tournament.

2. Each player must have an established verifiable handicap index.

3. The maximum index for women as described by the USGA handicap manual shall be allowed.
C. Pairings: 1. Round 1 pairings are based strictly on handicaps.

2. Round 2 pairings are based on the first days score.

3. The tee assignment of the first day is assigned by draw by the host club committee.

4. Tee assignments on the second day will be based on the previous day's score.
D. Flights: The number of flights depend on the size of the field. If possible, each flight should have the same number of contestants to create even flights.
E. Entries: 1.Any limits on entries will be the decision of the host club.

2. Refunds will be made until the pairings are completed.

3. After the deadline, refunds will be made at the discretion of the tournament Chairwoman.

4. Entries made after the deadline will be at the discretion of the tournament Chairwoman.
F. Practice Round: Green fees for the practice round are not included in the entry fee for the tournament. Green fees for the practice round are to be paid by the player directly to the golf course in the usual manner.
G.Trophies and Prizes 1. Traveling trophies go to the home club course of the over the field low gross and low net champions.

2. Prizes:

a. Over the field low gross and low net prizes will be equal.

b. Prizes in each flight will be paid for equal gross and net.

c. The number of places to be awarded will be determined by the size of the flight, but in any event, no less than one third of field.

d. Playoffs will be used to break ties for over the field low gross and low net only.

e. All other ties will be broken by USGA recommended card match procedures.

f. Individuals qualifying for more than one prize will be awarded the prize of greater value.

g. Plaques or trophies to be presented by last year's winners. The host club is in charge of ordering the plaques and trophies.
H. Caddies:Caddies may not be used.
I. Galleries:No visitors on course during the tournament.
J. Marshaling:The tournament shall be marshaled.
V. Rules Committee:
A. USGA rules and local rules shall govern play.

B. There shall be three representatives selected by the tournament chairman.

D. Pairings will be cautioned by the marshal in the event of slow play. For continued slow play, offending player(s) will be penalized according to USGA Rules.
VI. Tournament Guidelines:
A. Prizes shall not be solicited.

B. Donations will be accepted.

C. Green fees will be determined by the host club.

D. Entry fee should be kept as low as possible to encourage more players.

E. The tournament will be self supporting.

F. The Council By Laws may be amended by a two thirds majority vote of members present at any meeting of the Council.

G. The dress code of each club shall be adhered to and enforced.

H. Use of a master scorecard is at the discretion of the host club. Only the tournament scorecard is to be turned in to the scoring committee each day.

I. If possible, the tournament is to be held on the Thursday and Friday following the first Monday in November.

Amended February, 2018.