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SLO Womens Amateur

Format and Conditions of Competition
2021 Tournament

at Cypress Ridge Golf Course

This is a two day, 36-hole stroke play competition from the tees using , 2021 Handicaps.

SLO County Amateur Women's Golf Council policies are in effect and USGA Rules govern play.


Awards will be given to:
  • Low Gross and Low Net over the field
  • Equal low gross and net in each flight
Ties for Low Gross and Low Net Over The Field will be decided by a sudden death playoff beginning on Hole #1. All other ties will be decided by a card match as recommended by USGA. Second day card will be used.

Score Cards

Players shall exchange scorecards. After each hole, the marker should check the score with the competitor and record it.

Markers may use the TOP of the card to record their own score.

At the conclusion of play, each competitor must check their card for hole-by-hole accuracy, attest the card, have scorer sign the card and bring to scoring table to deposit in the bin. Once cards are deposited in the bin they may not be retrieved.

Use of a master card is strictly up to individual foursomes and are not to be turned in.

Both days scores will be posted by the committee as tournament scores.

Measuring Devices

USGA approved measuring devices are permitted.

Devices which measure wind velocity, temperature, gradient etc are NOT PERMITTED.

Cell Phones:

Reminder that cell phones must be turned off during play.


USGA Rules govern play.

Unsure How To Proceed

If a competitor is doubtful of her rights or the correct procedure during the play of a hole, she may, without penalty, complete the hole with two balls in accordance with Rule 3-3.

Slow Play

Slow play will be monitored and may result in a penalty or disqualification.

Warnings for slow place will be issued; foursome will be monitored and if pace is not corrected players may be assessed a stroke penalty. A pace of 15 minutes per hole is acceptable.